Bloodborne PC version is coming! Is it rumor or real?

If you ask me not only Playstation 4, but it is also claimed that one of the most important games of this generation, a Bloodborne PC version will once again come. Of course, Bloodborne is at the top of the games, where expectations are even higher after the announcement of productions such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, which belongs to the Playstation brand, for PC.

Bloodborne PC version is coming! Is it rumor or real?

According to the Respawnfirst news;  

‘BLOODBORNE is currently in development for PC. I wanted to go ahead and get this to you guys who love to game on PC. This could take 10 months up to a year to get announced but other Sony games to PC might get announced first and this later! If you thought that Horizon was the only one coming to PC then prepare to get blown away. But yeah, do NOT take this as 100% confirmation and wait for official news! And of course, take every leak with a grain of salt.’

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We can say that the name that made this news spread on Twitter was Cory Balrog. Stating that he wanted God of War to come to the PC platform before, Balrog retweeted this news and showed his Bloodborne PC version expectations.

Finally, Bloodborne and Days Gone were listed for the PC. But Sony had an explanation about this situation. According to the statement made by the Playstation, the period when both games would come to the PC was denied. Sony Europe President stated that they wanted to bring the games that belong to the Playstation brand to more players. As a matter of fact, he also stated that they would do this with games like Horizon.

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