Bloodborne Remaster is Coming for PS5

Bloodborne first appeared for PlayStation 4 in 2015. It is an action RPG game from the Japanese developer FromSoftware. In Bloodborne, you die a lot, A LOT. The game teaches you the game mechanics with death. With every death, you learn the tactics and gameplay mechanics of the game. And there are some nice rumours that Bloodborne Remaster is coming for PS 5. With the premiere of the new next-gen gaming console, we expect to hear some news about Bloodborne Remaster, too. According to the rumours, Bloodborne Remaster will be same with the original version of the title but with better textures and models, better loading times and more QoL improvements. The new Remaster version will support 60 FPS, 4K, ultra-wide screen. So let’s remember some about the awesome action RPG game.

Bloodborne Remaster is Coming for PS5

Bloodborne Remaster Gameplay

Bloodborne is a third-person action RPG which takes place in the city of Yharnam. In Bloodborne, you learn the tactics, environment, how to react by dying a lot. The game uses death to teach the game mechanics. If you played any other Souls game, you won’t have many difficulties in combat because Bloodborne uses a similar combat style. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki: “the enemies are strong and fierce, and if you wait passively to respond, you’re going to be eaten and killed.”

A new feature for Bloodborne is the use of firearms. But those firearms don’t mean to kill the enemies, they are just meant to stun them. Bloodborne takes place in an open world environment. All areas are connected and to enter a new area, you need to clear the previous one. In the game, you need to explore a lot and in some dark areas, you even need to use torches to be successful.

In Yharnam, players face strong enemies like demented townsfolk, giant crows and many other ones. The game will have improved AI. For example, demented citizens talk to each other and create strategies to kill the player. Along with strong enemies, players have to face very powerful bosses. And there is also a night/day cycle in Bloodborne. Players will heal themselves with blood vials. Another way to recover health is through the regain system. After receiving an attack from an enemy, a yellow bar will appear in the player’s health bar, representing the amount of health that can be recovered. If the player manages to counterattack before the bar runs out, the player will recover a portion of health for every hit they land on the enemy.

Bloodborne Remaster is Coming for PS5

There is also a more challenging New Game Plus mode.

Bloodborne Remaster is Coming for PS 5

So tonight, we will see if the rumours are right. We hope that this awesome action RPG game will be on PlayStation 5 with new-gen graphics and gameplay.

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