CCP Games Warps to EVEsterdam To Kick Off Its EVE Invasion World Tour

CCP Games, the creators of the in-depth and uniquely player-driven spaceship MMO game EVE Online, today announced more details on EVEsterdam, the upcoming kick-off event to the EVE Invasion World Tour, a global series of capsuleer conventions for EVE Online fans. The tour will feature announcements, developer roundtables, live streams, the Invasion Tournament Series, unique in-game rewards and stellar parties for fans, bringing EVE Online closer to its community than ever before.

EVE Online World Tour

It’s not too late for capsuleers who are keen to attend EVEsterdam to purchase tickets, or they can participate from home via the livestream on CCP’s official Twitch channel. The full EVEsterdam presentation schedule can be found in CCP’s EVEsterdam Megablog.

CCP Games will showcase a wide variety of community-requested changes to EVE Online at EVEsterdam, including game balance updates, commitment to regular quality-of-life improvements and a look into future plans for the technology powering EVE Online. Attendees will discover more about the behaviors, wars, elite players, friendships and incredible stories that break the boundaries between the EVE Universe and reality.

“The EVE Invasion World Tour will both celebrate EVE Online’s magnificent history and salute the game’s glorious future,” said Bergur Finnbogason, a.k.a. CCP Burger, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Kicking off with EVEsterdam, attendees will see first-hand how we’re strengthening the core of EVE Online, as well as how we use our community’s feedback to improve overall game balance. We will be also revealing our commitment to future technological advancements that will help us ensure EVE is forever. Over the course of the World Tour, we will ultimately present our vision for the next decade of EVE Online.”

Future events on the 2019 EVE Invasion World Tour include:

  • EVE Russia (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), May 4 @ Akakao. Tickets on sale now!
  • EVE Down Under (Sydney, Australia), May 23-26 @ SMC Centre. Tickets on sale now!
  • EVE North (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) June 21-23 @ Delta Marriott. Tickets on sale now!
  • Fanfest HOME (Player’s home, Finland), August 23 @ Kimitoön. Participate via livestream; details to be announced.
  • G-fleet Berlin (Berlin, Germany), September 13-14 @ AltMünze. Tickets on sale March 24.

  • EVE Vegas (Las Vegas, USA), October 25-27 @ venue to be announced. Tickets on sale April 2.
  • EVE London (London, UK), November 23 @ Indigo at the 02 Arena. Tickets on sale August 23.

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