Chinese RPG game Gujian 3 entered Top 10 best-selling game in Steam

Gujian 3 (also known as Swords of Legends 3)  is a RPG game from Chinese company  Wangyuan Shengtang. The game released in December 14, 2018 and it is only available in Chinese. But it has already become one of the top selling game in Steam.

Gujian 3 got seventh rank in Top 10 Best-selling game in Steam last week

Gujian 3 Game Trailer Video

Gujian 3 has entered Top 10 Best-selling game in Steam last week. He got seventh rank in the list. It got 89 % positive review right now. This is very interesting because the game is only available in Chinese right now. 

Gujian 3 is  a large 3D stand-alone role-playing game independently developed by Wangyuan Shengtang. The game's world is depicting the vast mountains and rivers in a realistic and beautiful style, and bringing the long-term humanity to the world with a new picture, bringing players closer to the real game world experience.

Gujian 3 has a instant battle system, there will be no switch in battles. The enemy will use the terrain and the environment to hide his body and wait for an attack. Also players can combo with heavy and light attacks, but you need to balance your vitality consumption. Players can resist attacks or avoid them, depends on their choices. 

Gujian 3 seems like great game with arts and combat mechanics. But there is no information about other languages. If Gujian 3 becomes English, probably it will be a great experience for us. We hope company brings Gujian 3 to Europe with language support. What do you think? Isn't game looking very beautiful?

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