Company of Heroes 3 Has Been Announced

After the long wait, Relic Entertainment has officially announced the Company of Heroes 3. It comes with massive gameplay changes.

Company of Heroes 3 comes with lots of new mechanics

After 8 years, the Company of Heroes 3 was announced. Company of Heroes 2, one of the most famous strategy series, was the latest game in the Company of Heroes series, released on June 25, 2013. At the event organized by IGN for SEGA and Relic Entertainment, the Company of Heroes 3 was officially announced along with a very nice cinematic video. After the cinematic video, various gameplay videos were also shown. After 8 long years, a lot of information about the game was shared in this announcement that real-time strategy lovers will be very happy.

Although a specific release date for the game was not given in the announcement, a lot of details were shared about the game. The game will take place on the Mediterranean front, which focuses on North Africa and Italy while describing the Second World War.

Company of Heroes 3 Has Been Announced

Company Of Heroes 3 will come out with more playable races than the previous games in the series. Although some of the races that will be playable are in the old games, this time each army will have its own mechanics and military units. Various military vehicles, weapons and abilities will also be included in the game.

In addition, the interesting tactical gameplay of the first game of the series will return with the Company of Heroes 3 in a highly developed way. It is also stated that while various existing mechanics are rearranged and made much better quality, a lot of new mechanics and features have been added to the game. The most important feature added is said to be the “Dynamic Campaign Map”. With the dynamic campaign map, you will be able to shape your story while organizing your expedition. The choices you make directly affect the gameplay, and you’ll be able to make reconnaissance and help allied commanders who need your help achieve their goals.

Company of Heroes 3 Has Been Announced

It will be the game with the most maps in the series in order to provide the best experience in multiplayer gameplay. All maps will come out completely custom-designed for a balanced experience. Although everything that will be in the game has not been announced yet, some of the game modes that will come are also mentioned.

While Company of Heroes 3 offers us a deep, replayable single-player experience where our choices directly affect the story, it will also have modes where you can fight against artificial intelligence alone or with your friends. The online competitive mode of the game was also mentioned. In this competitive game mode, where you will choose the race you will fight for and face real players, you will be able to sign 1v1 battles or collective battles up to 4v4.

Finally, we can say that it will be quite exciting that the Company of Heroes 3 will be released after 8 years. The makers state that they believe the new game will be the best game in the series. You can take a look at the surprise announcement made today, namely the promotional trailer of Company of Heroes, below.

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