Company of Heroes 3 release date delayed

Company of Heroes 3 release date delayed to February 23, 2023. Originally slated for November 17, the next game in the popular real-time strategy franchise needs a little more time to improve, balanced and adjusted. Relic Entertainment wants to ensure that CoH3 will live up to players’ expectations, delivering the deepest tactical experience for the series to Company of Heroes 3 release date.

Company of Heroes 3 release date delayed to February 2023

Since the Company of Heroes 3 was announced in July 2021, Relic has been using the CoH-Development community platform to gather public feedback on all aspects of the game. Many requested features, improvements and adjustments have been implemented in the game and are being unveiled today :

  • Relic has improved the Dynamic Campaign Map significantly, including updating its new supply system, implementing more aggressive AI, and providing faster movement around the map, thanks to port and airport improvements.
  • The studio focused on polishing the visual grain and small visual details of the battlefield, specifically by improving shader technology and spending a lot of time improving rendering. Significant changes have also been made to the general lighting of CoH3.
  • Relic has improved the gameplay by working on camera positioning and clarifying the information given by the minimap. The user interface as a whole has also benefited greatly from community feedback.
  • Community experimentation with Multiplayer Pre-Alpha in November 2021 has allowed the studio to greatly improve not only tactical groups and their upgrade trees, but also units and grouping abilities.
  • Relic has reviewed and corrected some voice acting to ensure maximum authenticity for specific characters, with a particular emphasis on accents.

Company of Heroes 3 release date delayed

Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager for Relic Entertainment said “Working with the CoH-Dev community over the past few years has been a particularly rewarding experience, and we are extremely grateful for all of their contributions to CoH3 thus far. We want to deliver the most complete and immersive gaming experience in the history of the franchise, and that’s why we need some extra time to fix bugs, balance and polish the game to ensure players the best possible experience at launch.”

Full details on CoH3, CoH-Dev, and the decision to push back the Company of Heroes 3 release date can be found in this blog post. To learn all about Company of Heroes 3, visit where you can sign up for the CoH-Development program.

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