Concept designs of Avengers: Infinity War are amazing

Avengers Infinity War was undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of 2018. In fact, it is one of the most successful stories adapted to the cinema with its dramatic ending and story. Now, Avengers Infinity War’s concept designs are leaked. Captain America is one of the most interesting of these. We can see the Nomad in a slightly different way.

There are also different and interesting concept designs of Thor. The most striking is the classic Thor image with long hair. But to congratulate Marvel on this, Thor was really cool with his short hair in the movie. We also see different designs of Thor’s new axe.

Avengers Infinity War’s concept designs are leaked!

Another striking picture is the one with Thanos and Loki. It is very confusing, may there be another storyline where we see Thanos destroying the ship of Asgardians? The most eye-catching image is the picture of Winter Soldier because his right arm looks huge.

avengers infinity war 1 1

avengers infinity war 2 1

avengers infinity war 3 1

avengers infinity war 4 1

avengers infinity war 5 1

avengers infinity war 6 1

avengers infinity war 7 1

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