Cuisine Royale Now Includes Dubbing From Popular YouTubers!

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment are excited to announce that players of the free Battle Royale shooter Cuisine Royale can now get to meet some of their favorite YouTubers on the battlefields. Popular YouTubers PhlyDaily, Ranzratte and Many Miles Away are among the first to lend their voice to the game’s male character, Clyde. All players can simply select the voice they’d like to use in the game’s settings.

This was my first time voice acting for anything.”, comments PhlyDaily. “I hope everyone enjoys this sound pack as much as I did making it!

The game’s character, Clyde, got his nickname “Dozen” due to his multiple personalities – from an Italian mafiosi, to a Mexican artist or even a ruthless, melee-loving “Beast”. But six months of intense battle with machine guns, frying pans and other curious kitchen equipment seem to have led to the development of three new personalities – all of which are very very individual (one even speaks German!), but still share the same goal: To make Cuisine Royale one spectacular show! Nothing on the battlefield will be left without a comment from now on, be that an impressive shot, an epic fail or something really extraordinary, like stopping a bullet with a frying pan.

Cuisine Royale Game Trailer Video

Give Clyde the personality of your favorite YouTuber and try to see what crazy sentences you can get out of him. There’s a lot to discover – so hurry! Who knows when Clyde will have his next sudden change of mind and suddenly develops entirely new personalities. So, if you want to see your favorite YouTuber featured in the game, make sure to tell him or her to get in touch with the Developers!

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