Dark: The Second Season Release Date Revealed and New Trailer is Out

We were all taken by surprise by Dark, the first Netflix original series produced in German, that ended up being a worldwide success on the platform and the “most-watched entirely non-English shows”. The tv show that premiered on December 1st, 2017, is compared to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks, but proposing a different style of science fiction.

Above all, time travelling is quite original and interesting, confusing the protagonists and the audience alike. Leaving us with plenty of questions, including that knockout final scene, Dark is perfectly set up for season two. Although the production of the second season was announced only 20 days after after the end of the first season, its premiere was not revealed until now. Netflix released the first official trailer showing the first images of the long waited second season. Dark will come back on our screens in less than 2 months, on June 21st, 2019.

Dark Season 2 release date and new trailer

Dark Movie Trailer Video

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