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George R.R. Martin breaks his silence about his books

George R.R. Martin has maintained silence until this time. We do not know if it was due to a contractual matter with HBO or simply for not breaking the dynamics of the series. But now that the adaptation to TV has ended, the author of Song of Ice and Fire has broken his silence and in an article on his blog has pointed out that we will still have Game of Thrones universe for a while.

The author confirms that he is really busy, not only with the books he has yet to publish that will put an end to the literary work on which the series is based, but also his commitment to other projects related to the series. On the first matter, the creator says that the end of his books will not be very different from the series.

He gives some hints: it will have special peculiarities since the books recreate certain personages who never appeared in the series, or who have survived long after their counterparts in the screen have been assassinated, the reason why the author must have all this into account to close the series of books.

George R.R. Martin breaks his silence about his books

“How will it end? I hear people asking. The same ending as the show? Different?

Okay, yes. And not.” 

In addition to being immersed in finishing the series of books, Martin points out that right now he is working as a producer in five series under development for HBO, and some of them have nothing to do with the universe of Westeros, but others do. He is also immersed in another two for Hulu and one more for Canal Historia. And as a consultant for a video game without giving us more details.

It seems that after all, we will hear about Game of Thrones for a while still.

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