David Cage explained what inspired the famous Heavy Rain finger cut scene

One of the most narrative focused game developers of the world, Quantic Dream always success to touch our hearts with their games. And of course one of the best adventure games we ever seen, Heavy Rain was not exceptional. If you played the Heavy Rain, you must remember the scene where you must cut your finger. Today, Founder and Writer/Director of Quantic Dream, David Cage explained inspiration of that scene.

David Cage explained the Heavy Rain finger cut scene

From his official Twitter account he said: “Do you remember that scene in Heavy Rain where you have to cut your finger? This is what inspired it: two of my fingers were cut in an accident when I was 6. While driving to the hospital, I could see the tip of my finger hanging off, the bone inside, my hand covered in blood. The whole time, I wondered if I could one day play piano again. I composed and recorded the soundtrack in the opening credits of Detroit. You can’t imagine how glad I am to still be able to play music today…”

It seems game developers not just machines who make products to entertain us. There is emotions, memories and more they put into their work. Even the story was upset, it’s great to see there is always more to imagine when we play these great stories.

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