Dead Island 2 Has Been Re-Announced

The Dead Island 2 gameplay video and cinematic trailer were announced during Gamescom and it looks really cool. The game, which was one of the best zombie game series of its time and which forms the basis of Dying Light today, returns to the stage after a long development process. The images published for the game, which we haven’t been able to see for 10 years, saying that it will come out, are of the kind that will drive everyone who loves zombie games crazy.

Dead Island 2 Has Been Re-Announced

As a big fan of the series, I may exaggerate a bit, but Dead Island 2 set out to set the criteria for zombie games. New images were shared for the production, whose development process turned into a snake story, but eventually came back to life with rumors this year.

Dead Island 2 is on the Way

In the released cinematic trailer, Jacob, who will be one of the 6 playable characters, is introduced. The production, which we think does not break with its essence with its sense of humor, continues to feature colorful characters. In the first game, we saw characters from different cultures and different moods such as Sam B and Xian Mei. Dead Island 2 seems to offer us the same variety again.

At the same time, a surprise gameplay video was also shown. You can watch the trailer below.

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