Detroit: Become Human is the fastest selling game of Quantic Dream

Developed exlusively for Playstation 4, Detroit: Become Human was the fastest-selling game in history of Quantic Dream. David Cage said the following via his official twitter account: “2 MILLION TIMES THANK YOU! For making #DetroitBecomeHuman the fastest selling title in Quantic’s history. Thank you to this amazing community for its support and passion. You are the reason why we make games.”

Detroit: Become Human sales figures announced

PS4 special game Detroit: Become Human‘s sales figures announced. With 2 million copies sold, the game was the fastest-selling game in the history of Quantic Dream. The company which made games such as Fahrenheit, Indigo Prophecy, the Nomad series, the Omikron, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, has achieved a significant sales success with Detroit: Become Human.

In fact, things were not easy for Quantic Dream last year. Headed by David Cage, the French production studio has been the subject of speculations. Former Quantic Dream developers, after leaving the company, said that the people in the company was racist and sexist.

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