PUBG Mobile Tournaments Plan to Have a Pool of $14 Million

We all know that PUBG Mobile got a really high peak in 2020. Especially during the pandemic. And the news confirms this for sure.

PUBG Mobile Esports Tournaments will most probably have a prize pool of $14 Million

The PUBG Mobile developers have unveiled their esports project, which in total, plan to have a shocking prize pool of $14 million, three times the amount than this year’s pool. With this announcement, there are speculations of many interesting events and more competitors in the next year. Players already start to wonder how big the prize pool will be in 2022.

We hear the announcement during the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Esports director of the famous mobile game, Director James Yang in a video message that was uploaded on YouTube showed the road map for the game’s esports project undertaken in the year 2021. Also, with this announcement, the $14 million we are now sure that this prize pool is the highest amongst the Mobile games that ever came out before.

”The huge increase in the prize pool is representative of the growth we foresee in 2021. In western regions, in particular, there’s huge room for expansion. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of esports of PUBG Mobile. This year, we’ve been cooperating closely with our sponsors- Qualcomm Technologies, Mountain Dew, and OnePlus, and we look forward to continuing the amazing partnerships with them and with more next year.” Says Yang.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments Plan to Have a Pool of $14 Million

When we look at PUBG Mobile, the marketing growth of the title doesn’t seem to stop any soon. There is one thing that players are sure. The prize pool of 2022 will be much bigger than the 2021’s prize pool. We all know that the pandemic has negative effects most of the time, for developers, it is the opposite. At least for Tencent as it looks like. Even the bans did not affect the famous mobile game negatively.


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