Disco Elysium Steam Version Still Being Sold in Australia Despite the Ban

Disco Elysium is unavailable in Australia but players can still purchase the Steam version. Looks like Steam doesn’t care about the bans.

Disco Elysium Steam version is still accessible in Australia

Disco Elysium is currently unavailable in Australia but it looks like Steam is ignoring the ban. Because when we look at the Steam page of the game, we can see that the Australians can still access the Steam page. They also can purchase it. Looks like Valve completely ignores government restrictions. Or, they just forgot to ban the game as it is still purchasable.

The RPG has a huge update this morning with new content, voice-overs, controller support, new political vision quests and a hardcore mode. Is still being sold in Australia through Steam despite the restrictions of the Australian government. The game should be unavailable in Australia because the government of Australia thinks that it contains some illegal content.Disco Elysium Steam Version Still Being Sold in Australia Despite the Ban

The most interesting thing about this situation is. That the only version available of Disco Elysium on Steam is The Final Cut version. Australian players cannot access the core version of the game. We are not sure if the listing on the Steam Store will eventually get removal. All we know is that Steam may get into huge trouble because of this decision. Or mistake, whatever you want to call.

Disco Elysium is a role-playing video game by the developer studio ZA/UM. The game takes place in a large city still recovering from a war decades prior to the game’s start, with players taking the role of an amnesic detective who has been charged with solving a murder mystery. While everything on the plot seems completely legal, the game contains much more explicit content. That is the main reason the Australian government bans the game. But you know the drill; what forbidden is attracts much more people.

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