Dreadbox’s Portable Typhon is Loaded with Effects

The music manages to be in the life of many people. Philosophy of life for some, fun to someone. Some may have a livelihood, and some may have a hobby. If you like music, we will introduce a new friend to you. Dreadbox's Portable Typhon is loaded with effects.

First of all, finding “portable ones” is not difficult, but usually, they have a maximum of one or two effects. In addition, larger models (with some exceptions) only have a few, they say that you can't have a problem with the newly introduced Typhon of Dreadbox. As Synth Anatomy points out, the USB-powered analogue mono synth includes 12 DSP stereo effects, including some breaker, distortion, flange, and reverb. These sound effects are very important for people who are interested in music and vocals. It's also friendly to newcomers. You may have trouble making your favourite sound wherever you play.

Dreadbox's Portable Typhon is Loaded with Effects

There’s also a 32-note step sequencer that can be used for pitch and modulation, not just for notes. This makes the device very useful. This isn’t absolutely essential when other instruments can often automate parameters without using a sequencer, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the option in this class. After all, extra features are always good, are not they? Additionally, the design is also relatively newcomer-friendly with a clear layout. This also appeals to the visual.

Important question time. So what exactly is the price of this Dreadbox's Portable Typhon?

This device is very convenient for the beginning. You will take you one step further in music. The Typhon’s price may be compelling. Dreadbox will ship the synth in July for €349 (about $392). Although that’s not a trivial expense, its’s inexpensive enough that you might justify it if you’re either just getting started or want to fill a hole in your electronic music setup. If you are interested in the device, you can browse the related video below.

Dreadbox Product Review Video

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