Dreamlight Games presents a new trailer of Fear the Dark Unknown

Dreamlight Games presents a new video focused on one of the main protagonists of Fear the Dark Unknown: James Sullivan.

A new gameplay trailer has released for Fear the Dark Unknown

Fear the Dark Unknown Game Trailer Video

In the new video of Fear the Dark Unknown, we can see new locations and what seems to be the encounter with a mysterious girl, Victoria Beresford, who, according to their official website, is the fifth daughter of the Beresford family and possessor of a strange secret about the mansion and what happens to its inhabitants.

From what is seen in some scenes, we will also have encounters with a terrifying creature, although we don't know if it will be a recurring enemy or if it will only have some occasional appearance, and if we will be able to fight with him. Finally, the last scene reminds us of the dark world that we saw in the first Silent Hill, confirming the influence that, according to its developers, this saga had on the project.

Fear the Dark Unknown will have two playable characters, James and Chloe Sullivan, with an approximate duration of six hours for each character, in which we will live different events but with the common nexus of how to escape together from the Beresford mansion.

Fear the Dark Unknown is still dated for mid 2019 on PC, and late 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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