DualSense Trigger Will Lock When Your Weapon Stuck in Deathloop

According to the statements of Anne Lewis of Bethesda, Deathloop, which will be the new game of the studio, will benefit from all the possibilities of the PS5 joystick DualSense trigger. Players will able to feel it thanks to DualSense when your gun stuck in the game. When you fall from somewhere or when you about to step on a mine.

Bethesda Softworks senior content manager Anne Lewis wrote a new post on the PlayStation Blog. So, explained how they will take advantage of the possibilities offered by the adaptive trigger of DualSense. According to Lewis, who spoke about Bethesda’s new game Deathloop. It will release for PlayStation 5 and PC in May 2021. The trigger of your gun will trigger in the game and when this happens, the DualSense adaptive trigger will also lock.


DualSense Trigger And Speaker Will Alert You When You Approach A Mine In Deathloop

According to Lewis, on the Deathloop you will be able to feel the boots clinging to the ground as you climb a wall. Or you will be able to detect if there are mines nearby when you are traveling through dangerous terrain, thanks to the DualSense speaker. If you hear a low “beep” from the loudspeaker. So, you will need to pay more attention to the steps you take.

According to the reported information, your weapon will be quite prone to jamming when using a low-level, rusty weapon in Deathloop. The DualSense adaptive trigger will lock halfway before the game notifies you of this with animation. This way, you’ll be able to avoid death by taking cover before fixing the weapon. Also, waiting for the game’s visual feedback.

Bethesda seems to want to take advantage of DualSense’s full range of possibilities to provide gamers with a better experience. Because, according to Anne Lewis’ statements, the feedback system will not limit to weapons. Effects such as straining, friction, and falling while your character is running somewhere, sliding on roofs. Moreover, climbing a place will reflect the players with vibrating feedback.

As a result, according to the statements of Anne Lewis of Bethesda. Gamers who will have the chance to play Deathloop on a PlayStation 5 will not only view the game on the screen. But also feel it on the DualSense joystick between their palms.

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