Elite: Dangerous sold more than 3 million copies worldwide

One of the most ambitious games of the generation, Elite: Dangerous is growing with constant updates and new contents. And today, the developer Frontier has announced that the Elite Dangerous is surpassed 3 million players all around the world. The company also announced that their other games Jurassic Park Evolution and Planet Coaster have sold more than two million copies. For a small studio, the sale numbers are really impressive for sure.

Elite Dangerous sell numbers

Frontier’s CEO David Braben also made an announcement about the sale numbers and said:

“We are very pleased with the success of Jurassic World Evolution, which has been our biggest launch to date. Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster also continue to perform well, as our strategy of supporting, nurturing and enhancing each of our game franchises continues to deliver.  I look forward to providing more details about our fourth game franchise, as well as our existing franchises, in the coming months.”

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