Eve Online Sets New Record For The Most Destructive Video Game Battle

Eve Online set a new world record with the Pvp battle that took place on December 30th. The cost of this war between the PAPI and Imperium clans and in which 5600 people participated in total, exceeded 345 thousand dollars.

Eve Online, a space-themed MMORPG game, continues to attract attention with thousands of people participating in PvP battles for nearly 17 years. PvP battles that last for hours bring enormous costs and set world records. So, Eve Online recently came up with a new PvP battle in which 5,600 people participated and 23.6 ISK was spent. Also, this war between the two clans broke a new record with the number and cost of participants.

Eve Online Sets New Record For The Most Destructive Video Game Battle

The Cost of the New Record in Eve Online Exceeded 345 Thousand Dollars

This record wasn’t the first time Eve Online broke. Also, the war, known as the Blood Bath, took place in 2014 and lasted 21 hours. Besides, this war was considered the biggest and most costly battle in the game.

The new world record was broken on December 30 in the space war between the PAPI and Imperium clans. So, the two clans waged a fierce battle for the space station Keepstar in the M2-XFE system.

A total of 5,600 players from both clans participated in the battle. While 251 Titan ships were destroyed, 23.6 trillion ISK (Eve Online currency) was spent. Considering the ships destroyed and the money spent, the real-life cost of the war exceeded 345 thousand dollars. The war set the world record as the most destructive and costly war. If you want to take a look at the summary of the war that lasted for hours, you can click here or watch the video from below.

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