Square Enix published screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV update 4.5

Square Enix released new screenshots from upcoming Final Fantasy XIV update 4.5. The screenshots are showing upcoming raid Orbonne Monastery.

New screenshots has released from Final Fantasy XIV new update

Final Fantasy XIV will get a new update which called A Requiem for Heroes. Today Square Enix has published screenshots from this update.

Screenshots are showing us the new 24-player raid Orbonne Monastery. In this raid players will travel to a lost ancient civilization. Also we can see new gears and new minigames (Air Force One, Doman Mahjong)  from upcoming patch.

A Requiem for Heroes will bring lots of contents to Final Fantasy XIV. A new dungeon, The Ghimlyt Dark, will be added. Also the update will contain new main and side quests, mounts, minions, emotes and some cosmetics.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4 and PC right now. Also a new expansion which called Shadowbringers, will release 2019 summer. What do you think about the new patch?

final fantasy 14 heavensward 1 1

final fantasy 14 heavensward 2 1

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final fantasy 14 heavensward 4 1

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