First World War Z patch improves Vulkan performance

World War Z released last week and receiving mixed reviews from both players and critics. The game offers a fun co-op gameplay, variaty of cities around the world for killing zombies and lots of different weapons and tools to deliver destruction upon dead.

World War Z Patch Notes

Today, developers are released a new update for the game that improves the Vulkan API performance and stability of the game. You can check the patch notes from below:

  • Fixed crash on game launch, reported by some AMD users.
  • Fixed a large number of connectivity, matchmaking and party system issues.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay bugs that caused inability to progress on levels.
  • Fixed texture corruption on Vulkan in some cases.
  • Improved Vulkan performance.
  • Improved Vulkan stability.
  • Partially fixed sound stutter issues.
  • Fixed issue with some friends not being visible in a friend list.
  • Fixed freeze on typing “<” in chat.
  • Reduced AI bot efficiency on lower difficulty levels.
  • Improved Slasher base perk.
  • With full stamina Slasher deals damage to 2 zombies in 1 melee swing.
  • With low stamina Slasher deals damage 1 zombie in 1 melee swing, plus his melee is not slowed down.
  • Slasher
  • Added “start with an improved chainsaw” perk on level 17
  • Shock Therapy perk moved to level 21, replacing the perk Executioner II

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