Rules of Survival Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Free Diamonds

NetEase  is celebrating the one year anniversary of Rules of Survival, the widely popular battle royale game that has won over gamers from around the globe with over 230 million downloads so far. With a special event between the 7th to the 27th of November featuring an abundance of in-game events and giveaways, Rules of Survival (ROS) wants to give back to its loyal fanbase for their dedication and support in the past year by releasing major updates and amazing gifts during the ROSversary.

Rules of Survival giving away free diamonds

Players can login to receive free diamonds and discover many bonus celebrations hidden all around the Rules of Survival game world. Once found, celebrations can be collected and exchanged for Anniversary Frames, backpacks and many more. Rules of Survival is also releasing unprecedented discounts including time-limited sales of looks and supply, first top-up with an additional 30% bonus diamonds, and the VIP top-up system that provides VIP users with exceptional offerings.

From the 14th of November, NetEase will also host Ca$h’n Shoot with a 1 Million dollar cash pool for all players who sign up in game. Match points earned during the event can be exchanged for cash from the pool, allowing players to cash in on their expert combat skills and strategic battle planning in the world of ROS.

The game will also release a smaller Lite version in November, which will dramatically reduce the game’s package size without compromising the gameplay quality. This lightweight version of the Rules of Survival will ensure that users can enjoy a smoother gaming experience on more devices. Additionally, players can look forward to the Ultra version of the game, which will bring players stunning HD gameplay, detailed battle scenes and a more intense fighting experience.

Rules of Survival was originally launched on the 17th of November, 2017. At the time, It was the first battle royale mobile game that allowed as many as 300 gamers to fight it out for victory on the same battlefield. The game has ranked on the top of the charts in 58 countries with more than 230 million downloads in one year. Rules of Survival is available on mobiles, PCs and Steam.

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