Fortnite Official APP: How to download on consoles and PC

If you want to download Fortnite Official application to your device, our guide is yours. PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch gamers have a few simple rules to follow to make downloading games to their devices as easy as possible. This usually means having an email account and a compatible way to pay for purchases, even if you’re a big fan of free games, like Fortnite Official Battle Royale.


Whatever device you’re using to play games on, you can usually find a way of downloading them. This comes with its own limitations, but it also makes picking up a game a little quicker.

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PC gamers have a number of choices when it comes to downloading and playing games. While there are many different makes of PCs and laptops, along with hardware options, it’s a smaller choice when it comes to digital storefronts.

Most of them will require you to download a launcher, and that will mean having a few basic things setup. You will need An internet connection, an email account, a browser to download launcher installs, and the right hardware to play them.

This will mean the correct gaming requirements, such as graphics cards, hard drive space, and memory. You can find out what you have on your PC if it is running Windows by typing “System Information” into your search box.

When you have everything in place, you will be able to download one of a number of Digital Storefronts.

This includes services like Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Utomik, Humble Store, the Windows Store, Origin, Uplay.

Searching for these in your browser will lead you to the official websites of your chosen store and you can proceed to download the launcher.

As an example, Steam is one of the biggest and most popular gaming platforms available on PC.

You will need to download the launcher and set up an account, which will mean having an email address you can register.

Following the instructions on-screen should make it nice and easy to do and you will also need to have a credit card, or something similar handy.

After heading to the Steam Store and paying for the game you have chosen, you’ll be given the option to download it to your device.

This will take time, depending on how big the game is and these titles may need to be updated in the future with patches.

They will be found in your digital library and each launcher will usually have the option to play the game through it.

CONSOLES: PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles provide the option of buying discs or cartridges and using them to install games, instead of downloading them.

Downloading Fortnite Official application will require an account (PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo Account) and that will mean having an internet connection, an email account, and a compatible form of payment.


The Xbox One console will need to be set up and that means having to connect it to the internet. This can be done via wifi or by using the ethernet slot at the back; Press the Xbox button in the centre of the controller to turn it on.

You will also need to set up an Xbox Live account if you want to download games from the Xbox Game Store. Unlike PC, Xbox gamers will only be able to purchase games from this one store, although there is also an EA Access subscription service available.

To play Xbox game online, like through multiplayer, you will need to have a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription. This can all be set up after turning on your console for the first time and may take a while as the console will likely need an update.

Having completed these stages, you will be able to access the Xbox Game Store by pressing the shoulder button on the main screen.

This will take you to the Xbox Game Store and provide you with lists of titles you can download and play. Again, you will need to have an account with a subscription, even if you choose to download a free game like Fortnite Official Battle Royale.

When you download a game from the Microsoft Store to your Xbox, it installs automatically. While the game is downloading and installing, it appears in the Queue section of My games & apps.

If you choose to install the game later, go to My games & apps > Games, and then select the game title from Ready to install.


Like the Xbox One, you will need to set up your console and create a PSN account before heading to the PlayStation Store. The main difference is that free games do not require a paid subscription (PS Plus), although many others do.

Having sorted out your internet connection and having a payment option handy, you can then head over to the PS Store, which is one of the first icons on the main menu page.

Much like on Xbox One, you can browse through games or choose to search for the one you want using your controller.

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