Fortnite searches increased on PornHub after season 6

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the video gaming industry. There is no doubt about it. With the increased interest for battle royale games in 2017 and 2018, Epic Games become one of the richest game developers in the world. So with Fornite, Pornhub (you know what it is) also see an increase in searches about Fortnite. And after season 6, the searches even increased more than before. And more interestingly, one of the new characters of season 6, the cowgirl “Calamity” become third most popular character search on the Pornhub based on Pornhub data.

fortnite searches increased on pornhub after season 6 3 1

Cowgirl Calamity become the third most popular character on Pornhub

And even more funny, Epic Games was announced about jiggling breast of the Calamity was not intended to be in the game and will be removed after the update. And Pornhub said: “No such fix is planned to prevent jiggling breasts on Pornhub.”

You can find the most popular Fortnite searches on PornHub below:

fortnite searches increased on pornhub after season 6 1 1

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