Get The Amazing World of Gumball back!

If you are a cartoon fan, you probably heard The Amazing World of Gumbal. It is a cartoon film broadcasting on Cartoon Network channel. The series is known for cute characters like cherry. They are so sweet and has tons of fans from all around the world. But unfortunately, there will be no more World of Gumbal. On the final episode of the series, we see some arguments which scare the fans very much, then the creators of film announced “this is our last episode”. And fans of the “The Amazing World of Gumball” are absolutely raged!

Get The Amazing World of Gumball back!

One of the society group named Cartoon Union (CN) announced to take action for the series to show it again on Cartoon Network. “Get The Amazing World of Gumball Back” project will start at 5th November. The meeting will start at from a big character of Gumball’s monument, then it will continue to Cartoon Network studios. After the movement, they give a press briefing. If nobody comes out or they can’t get an announcement for the show getting back on TV, They will burn off the studio’s owner’s mascot. In my opinion it is too much for one of the cartoon film. Let’s wait and see what they will do…

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