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God of War 2 With 4K and Ray Tracing

While we were waiting for the new game, the fans of the series running God of War 2 on the computer did not neglect to make important additions to the graphics of the game. It was undoubtedly one of the most popular games of the God of War 2 series. I think it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the productions that make its mark on the game industry with its twisted story, surprise action scenes, and of course its dynamics. While we were waiting for the new God of War game to release for Playstation 5, the fans of the series did not stop and made some innovations in the second game.

God of War 2 With 4K and Ray Tracing

RTX Support For God of War 2

The first adventure of God of War, one of the rare productions that made players happy and became a legend from the moment it was first released, appeared on PS2. The sequel was also for PlayStation 2, the current console of that time. The second game of the game, which still in our minds even after many years, runs on a PC with 4K resolution and Ray Tracing support.

God of War 2, as you may remember, was released for Playstation 2 and was left exclusively for the Sony console. Of course, we also witnessed that the game was running on the computer with various emulators. The YouTube channel, Sanadsk, took the event one step further and ran God of War 2 with 4K resolution and Ray Tracing support. In addition, in the video he published, he revealed the difference between the original appearance of the game and this renewed version with comparisons. With the Ray Tracing mode published, we can say that the game looks like this to the fans of the series. Stay Tuned.

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