The makers of Disco Elysium vow to answer that question at EGX

At EGX Birmingham this week, members of the press and public will have a chance to go hands-on with hotly-anticipated hardboiled-cop-show-meets-isometric-RPG Disco Elysium. But for attendees on Friday 21 September, ZA/UM Studio has another treat in store: a developer panel in the EGX Theatre, which will give fans the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes on the game’s development.

The makers of Disco Elysium vow to answer that question at EGX

Titled ‘Disco Elysium – What happens when you’re aiming to create the best RPG of all time?’, the panel will offer unique insight into one of the most innovative games on the horizon. Hosted by veteran games journalist Alex Wiltshire (EDGE, Rock Paper Shotgun), both Art Director Aleksander Rostov and Lead Designer and Writer Robert Kurvitz will be on hand to discuss the aims of the development team, and the challenges that need to be overcome to achieve the goal of creating the greatest role-playing adventure in gaming history…

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