God of War PC 1.0.6 Update Released

The updates of the God of War PC version, which has been enjoyed by many players since its release and received good comments, continue to be published. A new update has been released for the God of War PC version, which has the title of being Sony’s most successful game on the Steam platform. So, what changes have been made to the game with the God of War PC 1.0.6 update?

God of War PC 1.0.6 Update Released

When we look at the general statement, we see that the Santa Monica and Jetpack teams continue to fix bugs. In addition to minor errors in the game, some corrections were made on some problems on the control side. In addition, an extra statement was made about the controller drift problem experienced by some players after the update. The details of the changes and the solution of the control drift problem are as follows;

God of War PC 1.0.6 Release Notes


  • Enabling FSR will now no longer result in blurry/blocky image quality
  • Xbox controllers will now have proper joystick sensitivity
  • Mouse Precision Mode will no longer cause movement animations to break

New Features

  • Added translations for Precision Mode that were not included in patch v1.0.5
  • Mouse Precision Mode now supports Aim Assist

God of War PC 1.0.6 Update Released

It has been stated that a patch will be released very soon regarding the problem experienced in the controls, and for now, the things to do are as follows;

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to Steam Library.
  • Right click on God of War and click on Properties.
  • Select “Controller” section on the left side.
  • On “Override for God of War” section, choose “Disable Steam input.”

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