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God of War Ragnarok preview

In our God of War Ragnarok preview, we touch on the first minutes and some of the dynamics of the game that we had a chance to play.

God of War Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated productions of this year. The game, which will be released on November 9, has reached us recently. Although we have to wait a little longer for the review embargo, Sony has also allowed God of War Ragnarok preview content for this game, which it sent quite early.

Although we have played the game for hours, we will convey to you what is presented in the first few hours of this content within the rules of the embargo, and we will probably clear many question marks in your mind.

God of War Ragnarok preview

We played! God of War Ragnarok preview

As you know, God of War, which came out in 2018, showed us a very different side of a character who ruthlessly chops anything in front of him. Although we were dragged into a great adventure, the father-son relationship was always at the center of the story.

God of War Ragnarok, which handles this wonderfully, has taken on a structure that is similar but adds different flavors as Atreus grows.

The game, which was released in 2018, showed us how a game should change in every sense. God of Ragnarok does not spoil this change much, so the game basically has similar dynamics. However, some innovations have been built on the structure with both story expansion and new dynamics.

Atreus and Kratos

Players who expect a very radical change in gameplay, as in the previous game, may be a little disappointed. In other words, when you start playing God of War Ragnarok, you will encounter a very familiar structure, especially if you have just played the PC version of the first game.

This doesn’t mean that the gameplay is bad, it has been developed with added innovations, especially with some dynamics, it has taken on a much more fun structure. However, the structure in the game released in 2018 was naturally used in the framework.

On the story side the events continue from where they left off. Atreus has grown even more, as you can see in the God of War Ragnarok trailers. This growth contributes significantly to the game, especially to the character emotions. The change in Kratos makes itself felt with clearer lines in this game.

Ragnarok preview

We can see more clearly how the bonds built on the father-son relationship with Atreus develop in this game. Kratos is proud of his son’s growth, but at the same time he is not comfortable enough to let go of his poise. He has a very sour look on his face, in that part we find the tone we expect from the character more than enough.

Already in the first few hours of the game, which we will talk about in the God of War Ragnarok preview, we can say that it is based on how far the character development has progressed. It is still same rise and fall of their relationship just like the former game, but the ties have become much stronger.

As you know, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, and this makes you wonder about what will happen in the future.

There is no radical change in the combat mechanics. While chopping the enemies with your axe, you continue to attack more agile and faster with the Swords of Chaos. Along with Atreus, Kratos fights more harmoniously against his opponents.

Kratos Fights

In addition, interaction with the environment is involved. Even though Atreus’ main weapon is a bow and arrow, he doesn’t miss out on melee combat. He can finish off the enemies you weaken or stun with a knife.

More details emerge with the character development of course in the combat system. The number of special hits has been increased, except for the Runic attacks, which we are familiar. The triangle button, which we call our axe, is used more effectively in the fights in this game.

We call the axe with triangle button, but we also use it in different combinations in special attacks. For example, when you hold down this key while using Chaos Blades, Kratos shakes his blades and causes the tip to catch fire.

God of War Gameplay Mechanics

Combay Mechanics

The combat system is a bit more enriched with added platform and environmental effects. The combo mechanics is actually at the center of the combat again. Although it may seem like hitting a single button, it is possible to say that the game is more challenging when you play it in this way.

When you start making combos and balancing the transition between weapons as in the first game, you both enjoy the combat system more and you can pass even tough opponents very easily. Of course, let’s not forget the dodge dynamic and shield counter attacks.


These are the details we can transfer for now for our God of War Ragnarok preview. The game again does a great job in storytelling and continues its success on the cinematics with the use of a single camera. Gameplay and general dynamics are built on the skeleton of the first game by adding some extras.

Those with different expectations may be uncomfortable with the experience they will have in the first few hours, but I am sure you will enjoy it. The game’s review embargo will end on November 3. As of this date, we will write the game in a wider and give you much more information about the visual details.

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