Gold Plated PS5 Announced Pre-Order Prices

Although Sony has not yet announced the price of the new generation game console PS5, the price of the specially designed PS5 has announced. Accordingly, the price of gold plated PS5 will start at £ 7,999. Sony will present the next-generation game console PlayStation 5 to its users later this year. The company has explained many details about the hardware features of the next-generation console, what kind of design it will come with, and which games will come to the console. But the most curious thing about the console is still unknown: its price.

Although we learned what kind of hardware features of the new generation PlayStation has, its design, which we can call experimental, its controller, the games to be released, one of them is digital and the other has two variants, the price of the PlayStation 5 is still not announced. However, the fact that Sony has not announced the price of the new console does not mean that the price of the gold plated PlayStation will not be announced.

Gold Plated PS5 Announced Pre-Order Prices

Gold Plated PS5 Prices Have Announced

The company named Truly Exquisite will start taking pre-orders for the gold-plated PlayStation 5 from tomorrow. Moreover, the prices of the gold plated PS5 have also announced. Accordingly, the prices are as follows:

  • 24K Gold Digital PS5 = £ 7999 (est. $ 10,341 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Digital PS5 = £ 8099 (est. $ 10,472 USD)
  • Platinum Digital PS5 = £ 8199 (est. $ 10,602 USD)
  • 24K Gold Disc PS5 = £ 8099 (est. $ 10,472 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Disc PS5 = £ 8199 (est. $ 10,602 USD)
  • Platinum Disc PS5 = £ 8299 (est. $ 10,731 USD)
  • PS5 Controller = £ 649 (est. $ 834 USD)
  • PS5 Headset = £ 399 (est. $ 513 USD)

In addition, according to the company’s statement, these products will be limited to only 250 units. The price will include 1 PlayStation 5 console, 2 DualSense controllers, and 1 3D Pulse headset. These products, which will be sent to all parts of the world, will come in a wooden box and will be covered by insurance during transportation.

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