Gold PS5 is Almost Sold For a Fortune

The Playstation 5 craze continues. UK-based jewellery company Truly Exquisite, which previously covered many technological tools with gold, this time rolled-up sleeves for the Gold PS5. They already covered the Samsung Galaxy S20 with gold and sold it for $ 3500.

Although the PS5 price has not been determined yet, we know that the gold plated model of Playstation 4 was sold for very high prices. For this reason, Gold PS5 will find buyers at very high prices.

Gold PS5 Costs A Fortune

We know that the console, whose details have been announced by Mark Cerny in the past days, will be released at the end of this year. We also had the chance to see many day-one games at the PlayStation Showcase event that took place right after. Although these are the titles we have been waiting for a long time, a strong answer came from the Microsoft front. A couple of days before, the company held Xbox Series X Showcase. Also, 20 more titles revealed at this event. At the end of the day, we will not make a decision before they released.

Gold PS5 is Almost Sold For a Fortune

PlayStation 5 Technical Features A Little Stronger

There’s another region the Sony PS5 categorically outpaces the Xbox Series X: storage capacity. Both consoles use fast, custom NVMe solid state drives with their own custom controller hardware. So both devices are more advanced than what you’ll find in today’s laptops so desktops.

The PS5 ‘s drive is much quicker, however. This is capable of 5.5GB/s data transfer, which transforms into 8-9GB/s when compression is used. This does not slow the console down either, as there is hardware dedicated to decompression of this data. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X SSD is fast and can use similar hardware-based compression, but its speeds are 2.4GB/s or 6GB/s with compression.

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