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Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test Invitations Appearing on PlayStation Website

Gran Turismo 7 Beta test appears on the PlayStation website. And the players who complete a pretty easy task can also participate in this one. But don’t get excited yet.

Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test is available but it doesn’t work yet

So actually, Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test is live but there are a few steps to access it. But even if you access it, you will still not be able to get anything beta related. It may sound confusing at first but actually, it is really simple. PlayStation is testing the Beta phase of the game. So in fact, even if you participate in the beta, you will not be able to get anything right now.

But if you still are curious and want to see the Gran Turismo 7 beta test, here is what you need to do: First, you must head into the Experience PlayStation portion of the official website. Then you need to select “Start Quest”, and “Related Campaigns”, before picking “Italia Quest”. The “Gran Turismo Beta (Test)” quest is one of four quests therein. While it seems to be part of a promotion for Italy, it is in fact open globally.Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test Invitations Appearing on PlayStation Website

After that, you only have to watch the official Gran Turismo 7 launch demo video. That’s what you need to do to unlock the Gran Turismo 7 beta test code early. But as we mentioned above, the code is just a placeholder, you cannot do anything with the code given after watching the launch demo video. But still, this eventually confirms that there is a Gran Turismo 7 beta test. And it looks like it will be coming soon.

Players were not happy with GT Sport as the players said that the game should be going back to its roots. Kazunori Yamauchi says that they have listened to the players and will be bringing Gran Turismo back to its roots.

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