GTA: San Andreas Reborn with Unreal Engine 4

GTA series fans undoubtedly love GTA: San Andreas. The game perhaps hosted the largest map of the series. It was revolutionary after the third game. And this game had a lot of gameplay dynamics from Vice City, which came out later. Days followed months, months followed years. The 5th game of the series dominated three generations. After GTA 5 announced for PlayStation 5, those who looked back at the old games were quite a lot. Especially GTA 4 and GTA: San Andreas are among the games we miss. But have you ever want to go back in time and wander around the San Andreas map? Or did you ask for it, but did you think your nostalgia would get dirty with old graphics? So don't think, because there are great developments. GTA: San Andreas was reborn with Unreal Engine 4.

There are many modes for GTA: San Andreas that made a huge revolution in the years of the Grand Theft Auto series, but Rockstar Games is not working on a remake game for the game yet. At least as far as we know. But those who love it do not leave it alone.

GTA: San Andreas reborn with Unreal Engine 4 from its ashes.

GTA: San Andreas Reborn with Unreal Engine 4

There is no remake game for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas yet. Using the Unreal Engine 4, ArcadiaSquad managed to recreate it inside the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas map. GTA: San Andreas was reborn with Unreal Engine 4 from the ashes.

However, we must say from the beginning that the team has no intention of playing or publishing a remake. We hope it is not their last word. Perhaps Rockstar does not leave this successful work unrequited. You can see the entire map is reusable by this team on Unreal Engine 4. And you'll also notice when you watch the video posted here.

Although it is not yet officially a remake game for San Andreas, it is possible to play San Andreas on consoles, PC and mobile platforms.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Video

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