Halloween themed costumes are announced for Fortnite

New costumes are here for Fortnite, one of the most appealing productions of Battle Royale. You can customize your character with black tones with the costume named Grim Medicine. Also, the appearance of the Skull Squad is highly loved by the players.

What are Fortnite’s Halloween costumes?

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We have to mention that you have limited time to buy new costumes. Besides that, the sixth season of the game is started. After the sixth season of the game, dozens of new content has been added, the players started to wait for the seventh season from now.

Halloween contents and its prices as follows;

Plague Epic Outfit – 1,500 V-Bucks

Scourge Epic Outfit – 1,500 V-Bucks

Harold Bus Wand Rare Pickaxe – 800 V-Bucks

Lamplight Rare Glider – 800 V-Bucks

Fortnite sixth season contents


– DJ Yonder (Epic)

– Double Helix (Epic)

– Dusk (Epic)

– Fable (Epic)

– Giddy-Up (Epic)

– Heidi (Epic)

– Ludwig (Epic)

– Nightshade (Epic)

– Airheart (Rare)

Back Bling cosmetics

– Telemetry (Epic)

– Dusk Wings (Epic)

– Fabled Cape (Epic)

– Clockworks (Epic)

– Pretzel Protector (Epic)

– Night Cloak (Epic)


– DJ01

– Flamenco

– Kpop2

– Glitter.

– NeedToGo

– Octopus

– Regal Wave

– Running Man

– Sexyflip

– Slow Clap

– Sonething Stinks

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