How many people worked for RDR2?

There is not even a little bit doubt for us for Red Dead Redemption 2 will become one of the greatest games we have ever seen. Every detail we have seen so far in the trailers, every detail we read from favorite previews and every announcement for the game from Rockstar make us feel the weight of the Hype more and more.

How many people worked for Red Dead Redemption 2?

We already know the obsession for detail of Rockstar Games, and we don’t know how the developers think that many details from nothing. But the job they doing is really respectable in every aspect, and we thanked them all for their hard work for bringing us to one of the best games we ever gonna play. And it seems, Rockstar doesn’t forget their developers too. Today, in the official website of Rockstar Games, they released an official announcement which thanks all of the developers worked on Red Dead Redemption 2, name by name. And from this little letter, we can count a total of 3.023 people. So it seems this masterpiece developed by 3.023 people.

You can read the letter below:

“Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a massive project spanning many years and multiple teams, and we are extremely proud of the work of the entire company in bringing this game to the world.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those whose contributions both big and small, assisted in the journey along the way.

We hope you enjoy the game.

Rockstar Games”

Whatever, only 3 days left. Thank you guys!

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