How much space will Death Stranding take in your HD?

It is only a few days away from us the new game of Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding. The game will release only to the PS4 platform. The file size of the Death Stranding‘s was determined. According to the information, Death Stranding will take up 55 GB of space on the PS4. The game, which takes up less than half the space compared to some of other AAA games like Red Dead Redemption 2, still takes up a considerable amount of space. The graphics of the game, which takes up twice as much space as Metal Gear Solid 5, look good.

How much space will Death Stranding take in your HD?

The story of Death Stranding, in which we cannot see anything special about gameplay, is particularly curious. In response to the players who think that the game is complex in terms of script narration, Kojima explained that the action will start after half of the game. You can compare the file size of some other PS4 games with Death Stranding below:

  • MGSV 26.97 – GB
  • Days Gone – 39GB
  • Witcher 3 CE – 42GB
  • Horizon Zero Dawn CE – 48GB
  • Spider-Man: GOTYE – 53GB

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