Huge claim on the new Splinter Cell game

The players were quite sure that Ubisoft would announce the new Splinter Cell game at the previous E3. Players were excited about Splinter Cell listing at Walmart. But the situation was the opposite of what was expected and Ubisoft did not announce the new Splinter Cell. The company’s CEO, however, made some statements that they were working on the new Splinter Cell. Later, former Ubisoft employee Jade Raymond announced that Ubisoft was working on the new Splinter Cell before leaving the company.

New Splinter Cell can be announced this year

This time, Michael Pachter, an analyst of the game world, made some promising statements about the new Splinter Cell game. Although he sometimes makes absurd inferences, Pachter is pretty sure that the new game will be announced this year. According to Michael Pachter, Ubisoft has no more games than the Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Far Cry New Dawn to earn money from. Even though the developers will present players new content of Skull and Bones and Rainbow Six Siege, these two games will not have the expected big impact.

Ubisoft, which will not launch a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2019, may cover this gap with Splinter Cell.

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