In Devil May Cry 5, Dante will be able to use his hat as a weapon

The new gameplay footages of the Devil May Cry 5 has been leaked to the internet. In the footages of the gameplay, we see that the Dante is wearing a charismatic hat and he also can use this hat as a weapon. You can watch the leaked footage from the player down below.

Dante will use his hat to defeat his enemies.

Devil May Cry 5 GamePlay Video

In the Comic-Con event in New York City, a new playable demo of the Devil May Cry 5 was released. In this presentation which is specially for the press, a new episode of the Devil May Cry 5 that has never been shown before was played. The attention deriving detail in the leaked gameplay footage was the hat of the Dante which he can use as a weapon. Even though this new weapon called the “Faust Hat” seems like a regular hat, it can be pretty effective upon the enemies. With this hat that bears demonic powers, meteor rains can be crushed on the enemies. In another content from the leaked footages, Dante seems to be using his famous nunchaku. And in another footage from the demonstration, Dante is attacking his enemies without any weapon but with his martial art skills. 

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