Rainbow Six Cheater is Suspected for the 911 Hoax to Ubisoft

According to a report by La Presse, a Rainbow Six Cheater Yanni Ouahioune made the hoax call on November 13 to Ubisoft Montreal.

Rainbow Six cheater issued for making a hoax call for revenge

Okay, let’s sum it up so everyone can understand the situation better. The Rainbow Six cheaterĀ  Yanni Ouahioune has been banned more than 80 times in Rainbow Six Siege according to the reports. In order to take revenge from this situation, he did a hoax call on November 13 to Ubisoft Montreal. The reports also say that he used a method called spoofing to making the call appear like it came out from the Ubisoft Montreal building.

Back then, there was some serious investigation into this incident. Armed police officers were all over the Ubisoft Montreal building. Because the Rainbow Six Cheater said that ”he was going to blow out everything”. Due to this, the staff members of Ubisoft did climb up to the top of the office and tried to protect themselves from a possible bomb attack. Rainbow Six Cheater is Suspected for the 911 Hoax to Ubisoft

From the Ubisoft Montreal building, nearly 400 employees came out due to evacuation. And the cheater, if he is behind this situation, is under heavy trouble. Because the report states that Ubisoft lost almost $ 1.5 million due to this incident. However, the police officers have also something to say about this situation. They think that this will not cause Ouahioune much trouble. Due to the fact that France refuses to extradite its citizens.

We don’t know what will come out of this situation eventually. From what it looks like, the best thing is to wait for the police to complete the investigation about this Rainbow Six cheater. The Ubisoft officials also say that. Because they don’t want to interfere with the police investigation that is going on right now. In fact, they are doing the right thing.

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