Insomnia Gaming Festival: AGON by AOC welcomes UK gamers

AGON by AOC, announces their presence at the Insomnia Gaming Festival this weekend. Attendees of the event can for the first time get their hands-on experience with the AGON PRO AG257QXL – League of Legends Edition, the brand-new high-tier gaming monitor for the fans of this renowned esports title. The Insomnia Gaming Festival will greet gamers from this weekend (15 April – 18 April) back in the physical space at the NEC, Birmingham after two long years of absence due to the pandemic.

Insomnia Gaming Festival is back this weekend at NEC, Birmingham

What started as a small LAN event in 1999, where gamers could bring their PCs to play together and share their passion with other fellow gamers, the Insomnia Gaming Festival has now grown into the biggest in the UK and celebrates its “i68” iteration this year.

Insomnia Gaming Festival by AOC

The festival of course features a giant BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party but also offers PC rentals as well as camping opportunities for those who want to experience the LAN party atmosphere in full. The Insomnia Festival is enriched with cosplay championships and masquerades, talk shows, music parties, charity runs, celebrating everything around gaming with a dedicated crowd!

AGON by AOC recently launched a number of esports-focussed, pro gaming monitors in their AGON PRO line-up, which perfectly fit esports events or gaming festivals such as Insomnia. With MiniLED backlights and HDR1000 support, as well as refresh rates of up to 360 Hz and resolutions of up to 4K, AGON PRO offers the highest tier of gaming products for pro gamers and enthusiasts. With the included Screen Shields which fit around the panel, the AGON PRO models can offer gamers a perfect gaming experience by eliminating reflections from bright stage lights as you would find at gaming festivals.

Get your hands-on experience in the highest gear

Just this month, AGON by AOC brought the AGON PRO AG275QXL – League of Legends Edition to the market and the UK gaming scene gets to see it at this festival “in the flesh” for the first time. This 27”, 1440p, 170 Hz monitor ticks all the boxes of today’s gamer‘s preferences and features a unique LoL theme with Hextech decals and graphics on its panel, casing and stand design. Furthermore, it is uniquely coupled with the game itself, so that in-game events can be highlighted on the RGB illumination embedded to its stand and back sides.

Insomnia Gaming Festival by AOC

At a public event like the Insomnia Gaming Festival, where gamers are hyped about showing off their custom gaming setups, the brand-new AGON PRO AG275QXL will surely become an eye-catcher in the BYOC hall. The tournaments in the BYOC esports area feature staple esports titles such as CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch and of course, League of Legends, too.

Gamers in the UK should not miss the opportunity to get back together after a long period in the IRL space and get the chance to experience the brand-new additions the AGON PRO line-up such as the LoL-themed AG275QXL.

You can find the details on the festilva’s webpage.

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