Next game of Rockstar Games is “Fiyero”?

Next video game of Rockstar Games could have been recently leaked. A voice performer’s resume has surfaced containing credits for a forthcoming Rockstar Games’ video game titled “Fiyero”.

Next game of Rockstar Games is “Fiyero”?

Youtuber SWEGTA’s video  started rumors about this leak. The performing artist being observed in the video is Jared Johnston, who is represented by UGA and is a private from SAG-AFTRA.

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As ought to be obvious, J. E. Johnston has worked in various entertainment industries, but never performed as a voice actor. At the top of the day, never in pc games. His role in “Fiyero” can be voicing-over a regular NPC or a lead character in the game. Right now,  J. E. Johnston still has “Fiyero” on his resume. As indicated by RockstarIntel, a website which has experience making Rockstar Games news, none of its own sources have given any data of “Fiyero”. 

It’s conceivable “Fiyero” may be a codename for a true project. Maybe it is the next “Bully”. We will wait and see.

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