It is revealed how Tony Stark will survive in space

One of the most noticeable details in the Avengers Endgame trailer was that Tony Stark was stuck in space. There are plenty of rumors on the internet about who will help him or who will rescue him from there. The most sensible character was Rocket Racoon. But this prediction is less powerful now because an important detail in the previous films has changed some things completely.

It is revealed how Tony Stark will survive in space

The Reddit user named NaughtyDawgs points to an interesting detail. In the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket was using a repair tool somewhere in the film. About this tool, James Gunn stated that Rocket didn’t invent it. The most important detail is that this device is like a highly developed 3D printer and it can create the whole ship in its memory and re-create the damaged parts on the ship.

Reddit user shares this tweet and says Tony Stark will be able to escape space with this device. After all, Tony Stark is a kind of engineer, it is possible for him to find and use this tool, and we think this is the most logical theory on the Internet.

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