John Wick’s House Comes to Fortnite with 9th Season

Fortnite celebrates the ninth season of the Epic Game’s Battle Royal game with lots of new features. The Developer team, which added dozens of changes to the game in the new season, also spread little details all around the map. And now the map features John Wick’s house. John Wick’s house, located in the Paradise Palms area of the map, was designed in a similar way to the movie. John Wick’s costume was already in Fortnite and now you can also explore his house. 

John Wick’s house is now in Fortnite

Following the popular culture very closely, Fortnite does a pretty good job of making fans happy. When Avengers Endgame released, developers added a new mode to the game, giving the players the chance to have the Avengers characters. Also, in the period when Infinity War was released, Thanos was added to the game to promote the movie. 

Let’s see if Fortnite developers will again bring a special mode to the game when the new John Wick movie comes out. 

john wicks house comes to fortnite with 9th season 1 1

john wicks house comes to fortnite with 9th season 2 1

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