Korean superteam Gen.G secured the PUBG Global Championship 2019 thropy

Thanks to their dominant PUBG Korean League form, Gen.G was without a doubt favorable heading to the PUBG Global Championship. But nobody expected their performance to be this good. With the likes of FaZe Clan, Four Angry Man, CJ Ventus Force falling short performance-wise, Gen.G achieved to claim their first PUBG Global Championship win.

Gen.G secured PUBG Global Championship 2019 trophy

Gen.G kicked off the first day of the tournament with a whopping 56 point start, which put them 5 points ahead of the second-placed Four Angry Man. Although they showed a steady performance on Sunday, it wasn’t enough to keep the first place. After giving the lead to 4AM, Gen.G had a neck and neck game with FaZe Clan to secure their spot. Gen.G then faced CJ Entus Force and became the new PUBG Global Champions.

The tournament had a prize pool over $4 million and Gen.G walked home with $2 million of the total prize pool. The tournament was a blast for the fans of PUBG and the esports alike. If you ask me, the tournament is only a solid evidence for the ones who deny PUBG’s potential in global esports. And I personally, expect more to come from PUBG.

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