Life is Strange Remastered: What Can We Expect?

Life is strange. It is one of those pioneer games that have had a significant impact on the gaming industry. It has completely changed the way we see games and also encouraged other developers to adopt their ways. So let’s see how will “Life is Strange Remastered“.

Released back in 2015, this award-winning game is getting a remastered update. You can try out the game that is bound to entertain you, just like the Kwiff Sign Up Offer that encourages bettors to “follow their instincts” and allows them to supercharge any placed bet, regardless of sport, odds or stake.

The remaster includes two games in the series. The first Life is Strange game, and the Life is Strange; Before the Storm. The initially planned release was on September 30th, but the developers have postponed it to February 1st, 2022.

That is just a few months away from now. So what can we expect from these two remastered games? Let’s analyze.

Life is Strange Remastered

Things to Expect from Life is Strange Remastered

Same Story (With new endings?)

We are getting a remaster of the two Life is Strange games. That means we will have the same stories in it. The choices, the endings will all be the same. So storywise, it will be the same experience.

But add in the graphical improvement, it will feel more profound and fundamental.

However, Square Enix is the perfect chance to cleverly sweep in a few hidden endings to spice things up. Although there are no official reports of new endings, we will not be surprised to see a few in the remastered games.

Facial Emotions

The original Life is Strange, and Life is Strange; Before the storm was deep with their decision making and story endings. But something was missing, which was the emotion of the characters in the scenes.

Due to technological limitations, those games could not bring out each character’s facial features and emotions in the game. The remasters promise to fix that.

There will be more facial expressions and emotions present in the remastered games. They will use motion capture technology to present them as accurately as they can.

This will add more depth to the characters and the story of the games.

Better Engines

Square Enix will use the latest engines to upgrade the graphics rendering of the two remastered games.

Although the old engine was good enough, it will fall short in rendering the graphical improvements. The new engine will handle extra elements such as the background, lighting, shadow, etc. This gave room for improvement in character texture. The characters will look more lively.

We also saw some scene comparison shots in the trailer. The new engine makes everything look more realistic and updated.

We can assure you that it will feel more like a game developed in 2021 rather than developed in 2015.

Realistic Lighting Effects

The new engine will bring improvement in the lighting of the game. We all know how big of a difference lighting can make.

The proper lighting can turn an average photograph into a masterpiece. The same can be expected from the two remastered Life is Strange games.

We did see some notable improvement in lighting in the trailer. The ambience, reflection, and shadow of the lightning were spot on. So be prepared for some mind-blowing lighting effects in the game.


So that’s about everything that we can expect from Life is Strange and Life is Strange; Before the storm remastered.

Square Enix postponed the release date of these two games to February 1st. They did not want to put any additional pressure on the developers. Life is Strange; True Colors was launched a few weeks back, and an extension is coming. So, it is a wise decision made by Square Enix.

Thus, we can hope for the best from the team of Life is Strange. We can assure you one thing that it will be a bizarre experience to play these two award-winning games after almost six years with the graphical updates they deserve.

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