Live action video is released for PlayStation 4

An impressive commercial video is released for PlayStation 4. “Journey Ahead” was created by combining live action and gameplay videos. The commercial video is quite short, but it also stands out with its quality and visual effects. You can watch the live action Playstation 4 commercial called Journey Ahead on the following player.

Live Action video is released for PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Technology Video

The PlayStation ads were renowned for being strange. Throughout the history of the game world, we have seen pretty good ads on both the PlayStation and the Xbox side. Some of these advertisements for TV were so outstanding that some of them were banned from broadcasting in some countries. In recent years, Playstation prefers ads combining real life and gameplay images. The short 30 seconds video called Journey Ahead has been filmed the same way. The new commercial, referring to Spider-Man, Days-Gone, God Of War and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, features impressive scenes.

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