WhatsApp Milestones Revealed Due to 12th Anniversary

It’s been 12 years since WhatsApp came out and due to this, the company shares its milestones to the public via its official Twitter account.

WhatsApp milestones state that there are 2 billion active users

It’s been a long time since WhatsApp came into our lives. When the app first came out, nobody was expecting such success from a usual messaging app. But people who think like that were completely wrong. Because as of now, WhatsApp is still one of the most used messaging apps to this day. Thus, WhatsApp developers wanted to share their success with us by showing the milestones.

Whatsapp milestones mention that it has over 2 billion users each month that send 100 billion messages. It also highlights 100 billion calls on its app which are made each day. In February 2009, WhatsApp was launched with the concept of an app that lets “your friends and contacts know what you’re up to”. It then added simple text messaging on the app after a month.WhatsApp Milestones Revealed Due to 12th Anniversary

WhatsApp came up on iOS in February 2009. Due to its success, just after a couple of months, we saw the app on SymbianOS. After that, the app became highly popular and as of now, we can use it on almost any platform including Windows. However, some problems began to rise due to the new Terms of Service and the privacy policy of WhatsApp.

Except for the WhatsApp milestones, there are some other problems with the app too. Due to the concerns, WhatsApp is putting some ads on social media services to tell the end-user that their private-chats will be completely safe. So we can understand that this new Terms of Service and privacy policy will only affect business conversations. But users around the world still have some concerns about it. That’s why Telegram and similar messaging apps became highly popular in the last months. We will see in the future if WhatsApp will make any changes in its Terms of Service.

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