Metro 2033’s movie is coming!

Metro series, which attracted the players with the theme, managed to establish the throne in the hearts of the players with its books as well as games. According to Variety, Metro 2033 is being filmed. The movie, Metro 2033, produced by Russian TNT-Premier Studios, TV 3 and Central Partnership, will be based on Dmitry Glukhovsky‘s Metro 2033. It would be wrong to say that the producers will be inspired by the games. Since the games were based on the books, both of them were working on the same story, but there were some changes in the details.

Metro 2033’s movie is coming!

It is wondered who will be the actors of Metro 2033, which is announced to start shooting next year. On the other hand, will there be Russian actors in the film? Or is it a matter of curiosity whether Hollywood actors will be.

In the Metro stories, which have a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, we witnessed the Moscow people being forced to live in subways. Let’s see if the main progress of the movie will be as anxious as in the books.

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