Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support on December 23

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR update will support most devices including Oculus, Vive, Valve Index, and HTC. The update will release on December 23rd. Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the games that managed to attract the attention of the players with its high system requirements and incredible graphics. Despite being a simulation game, the game managed to sell in high amounts. Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio provided new information about the game.

Details about future updates awaiting Microsoft Flight Simulator shared with the live broadcast on Twitch. VR support for the game will arrive on December 23, 2020. This support will cover both Valve and Oculus devices. Oculus Vive, Valve Index, and HTC’s VR devices are some of them. With the update, which will distribute free of charge, you will be able to take a closer look at the places you want to travel from the air.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support on December 23

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update Will Support Both Valve and Oculus Devices

The VR update shared in the live developer update broadcast on the MSFSofficial Twitch channel was first announced in July. Also, Asobo Studio’s Executive Producer, Martial Bossard, said in a statement that all VR headsets want to be supported. So, saying that a flawless VR experience will present, the Executive Producer announced that with the update, the entire pre-flight menu interface will support by VR. In this way, players will not need to remove the headset while playing games.

World update 3 will come right after the VR update. If the date for this update does not change, it announced as January 28, 2021. Also, with the update to which new areas will add to the UK, we will be able to see interesting famous places closely. Besides, for helicopters that can fly, the date seems to be 2022. You can see the entire road map from the visual in the news content.

The first of the region updates released free of charge for Japan in September. The second update published for the USA in the past weeks. With this update, 48 airports have improved. Also, new special locations have added to the game. Some of them are New York Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge, Mayland Chesapeake Bay Bridge, West Virginia New River Gorge Bridge, Florida Kennedy Space Center, Arizona Monument Valley, and Grand Canyon, Colorado Mesa Verde National Park, Nevada Hoover Dam, Hawaiian Mauna Kea Observatories, Wyoming Yellowstone National Park and Devils Tower, in the form of Montana Glacier National Park. In addition, 4 new handmade airports have added to the game.

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